RiverPark Advisors, LLC is a New York-based investment advisory firm and the sponsor of the RiverPark family of mutual funds. The firm’s goal is to provide “Best in Class” portfolio management services in a select number of style boxes. Together with its affiliates, RiverPark manages approximately $2.1 billion* in mutual funds and separate accounts across seven different strategies in equities, fixed income and venture capital. RiverPark has also entered into strategic alliances with other investment advisers that we believe provide superior management services.

* As of June 30, 2023, includes $614 million of assets under management by a strategic alliance partner pursuant to a fee sharing arrangement.


RiverPark was founded in 2006 by senior executives from Baron Funds where they helped grow that firm from $40 million to over $15 billion in AUM.

After initially focusing on institutional separate accounts, RiverPark Advisors, LLC was formed in July 2009 to launch the RiverPark family of mutual funds. RiverPark is 100% privately owned, with 86% held by employees.

September 2009

  • RiverPark launches RiverPark Opportunity Fund as a hedge fund

September 2010

  • RiverPark creates RiverPark Funds Trust
  • RiverPark launches RiverPark Large Growth Fund, RiverPark Short Term High Yield Fund and Wedgewood Fund as mutual funds

March 2012

  • RiverPark converts RiverPark Opportunity Fund to the RiverPark Long/Short Opportunity Fund as a mutual fund

September 2013

  • RiverPark launches RiverPark Strategic Income Fund

June 2014

  • RiverPark launches RiverPark Ventures, L.P.

September 2016

  • RiverPark launches RiverPark Floating Rate CMBS Fund as an interval fund
  • RiverPark launches RiverPark Ventures II, L.P.

November 2018

  • RiverPark converts RiverPark Floating Rate CMBS Fund from an interval fund to a mutual fund

October 2019

  • RiverPark launches RiverPark Ventures III, L.P.

Alignment of Interests

RiverPark believes strongly in investing alongside its shareholders. RiverPark portfolio managers and employees collectively have over $25 million invested in our own strategies.

Investment Philosophy

We are committed to building portfolios with strong fundamentals that aim to provide superior returns over multiple economic cycles. We are differentiated by our long-term perspective and our focus on research-driven strategies.